The coinherence symbol designed by Professor Roger Corless (Duke) in 1983, combining the symbols of various religious traditions. As the logo of the Duke University Department of Religion, it combines 7 symbols (circle, taijitu, wheel, hexagram, labarum, crescent, cross); the logo of the University Religious Council (URC) at UC Berkeley adds 4 more (point, atom, chalice, lotus).

I have redrawn the former version here:

Coinherence Symbol

The symbol combines its constituents “in such a way as to represent simultaneously the full and autonomous presence of each tradition and their intimate interrelation, each inside the other, in the mode of coinherence” (URC).

Meister Eckhart on coinherence: “There is a difference between spiritual things and bodily things. Every spiritual thing can dwell in another but nothing bodily can exist in another. There may be water in a tub, and the tub surrounds it, but where the wood is, there is no water. In this sense no material thing dwells in another, but every spiritual thing does dwell in another. Every single angel is in the next with all his joy, with all his happiness and all his beatitude as perfectly as in himself; and every angel with all his joy and all his beatitude is in me, and so is God Himself with all his beatitude, though I know it not” (Meister Eckhart: Sermons and Treatises, translated and edited by Walshe, vI p50; appearing in Corless’s Many Selves, Many Realities, 2002).

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  2. Yvonne Says:

    I’ve been reading some of Corless’ articles on coinherence for a paper that I’m writing. That’s a lovely Meister Eckhart quote.

  3. Matthew Says:

    I actually had this symbol tattooed onto my left forearm today. It’s a beautiful image.

  4. Michael Says:

    I’m wondering where the Crescent is in this version of the coinherence symbol. I see it on the UC Berkley version but not on Corless/Duke Uni. version.

  5. Crump Says:

    The symbol is not compete

  6. Paul fiX Says:

    they don’t have the whole thing… the geometry is not complete…. look at the designs on the link.

  7. Paul fiX Says:

  8. Agueda Neudorf Says:

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