Cartoon as Vacuum

November 25th, 2007

Nine panels from Scott McCloud’s comic book on comic books, Understanding Comics.

On the universality of a cartoon face (p31):

what are you really seeing

cannot avoid seeing a face

And thus our universal identification (p36):

the cartoon is a vacuum

A diagram of the pictorial vocabulary of comics, from reality & resemblance to language, meaning, & iconicity, and their representation on the picture plane, as ink on paper (p51):

comic vocabulary

Click image for larger version.

On our emotional response to line (p119):


4 Responses to “Cartoon as Vacuum”

  1. Andrew Clarke Says:

    The book is relevant to so much more than its title implies. Anyone who ever communicates will get something out of it.

    You should get an Amazon Associates account for posts like these.

  2. Thomas Puggard Says:

    It Is a significant statement that we put ourselves into the picture frame of the cartoon and of other media to some extent.

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