Gandee’s Hexes

January 7th, 2008

Five hexes (of the Pow-wow variety) drawn by Lee R. Gandee in his 1971 autobiography, Strange Experience.

“All of the Hex signs included in this book… are personal. Again I must emphasize that Hex is a creative art. A Hex needs not copy slavishly the work of any other Hex. He draws ideas from it, and makes it his own by selection of motifs…” (p315).

The Rain that Refreshes the Soul

“The Rain that Refreshes the Soul: A symbol referring to spiritual water, the field to be watered as the human soul, and to the rainbow of promise. A sign asking for inspiration, insight, and creativity” (p187).

The Sign of Creation, Manifestation, and Materialization

“The Sign of Creation, Manifestation, and Materialization: An affirmation of the Hex rule ‘As above, so below’, and of man’s power to create through mental and spiritual action. The flanking symbols are Earth-Star signs, calling for all the good things of earth and earthly joys” (p115).

“A Hex knows a thought to be a thing — a form with an electronic force field, so when he arranges his motifs what he is really doing is sending out into the universe a telepathic blueprint image of what he wishes materialized. Nature is so constituted that the image tends to be materialized and sent back. To be a witch, one must be able to send sustained images far enough out to attract enough energy to effect the materialization…” (p316).

The Double Creator’s Star

“The Double Creator’s Star: A diagram of the internal lines of force which hold matter in form. It is a sign seeking permanent enjoyment of abundance” (p151).

“All my experience suggests that ‘magic’ power is derived from the action of the mind at a subconscious level. A symbol is more potent than a naturalistic representation simply because a realistic drawing is interpreted mainly at the conscious level… In solitude and secrecy, the mind thinks in symbols” (p312-3).

The Sign of the Horns

“The Sign of the Horns: Protection against the ‘Evil Eye’ and Black Magic. Looking here, the evil eye stares into the eye of God, and the devil is balked in all directions by the ‘horns’ of the Earth Star” (p236).

“To fake magic and secure magical results is a profoundly instructive experience” (p336).


“A Petschaft or Wunder-Sigel Design. For curing sickness or stimulating sexual activity” (p101).

“For a thousand years, the ritual answer to that question [‘can you cure me?’] has been, ‘I will try’. A ‘user’ should never promise a cure; he may find himself unable to concentrate sufficiently. He may become involved emotionally — even find himself questioning whether the individual deserves help. Fatigue, distraction — and emotional, psychic, and physical factors often too obscure to recognize — may intervene. If the cure does come from God, it comes only through the agency of the human mind, and man does not know his mind well enough to make guarantees. If one can avoid emotion, hold off the temptation to judge the individual, and concentrate fully on the pow-wow, usually one succeeds if he has any power at all” (p130).

7 Responses to “Gandee’s Hexes”

  1. Polymathicus Says:

    -In solitude and secrecy, the mind thinks in symbols-

    Great words, Mr. Pass, great words.

    Several months ago you expressed the hope to pass (sorry the unintended pun)the bar of my extremely
    high expectations.

    Now you did.

    I am so used to people that do not understand me, that even folks that lend a listening ear to my babblings are already a gift & a blessing.

    However, my collaborators are the rarest of the rare, the ones that can ANTICIPATE my moves.

    For, what is after all True Being if not Coming Home? And what is True Knowledge if not the Great Remembering?

    I regret not having the time to speculate further on this excellent post of yours (matters of the utmost importance burn up all my resources).

    I shall just say this: you & I know that a trip to Nepal is not needed (at least for now). The KNOWLEDGE OF SYMBOLS is litterally next door. In Dutch Pennsylvania, and even more so in the remote highlands of Appallachia. Now, your beloved J. Conway hit the jackpot, of course (although he has no practical knowledge, his Art leads him right home. How far Art alone can go!).

    But, there is a far far better thing than reading, and that is EXPERIENCE.

    Best Wishes 2008


  2. Greg Pass Says:

    PMac —

    An ear for an eye: it’s a fair and welcome trade. So, thanks.

    Looking forward to K’s lair. And looking at a picture of it now in preparation for that trip and a related post. We’ll go in knowingly.

    My next post, BTW, will touch on EXPERIENCE — literally.

    What we shall unurth in ’08…

  3. tre Says:

    why do demons get in uss

  4. TruckerTwotimes Says:

    @tre demons get in us by way of resentment.

  5. BC Crothers Says:

    Is there a copyright on the “Sign of Creation, Manifestation, Materialization”? If not, I might like to use it. BC Crothers

  6. rishawn lehmkuhl Says:

    love this .

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