The Laws of Magic

November 19th, 2008

A diagram of the Laws of Magic, appearing in Isaac Bonewits’s Real Magic (1971).

“A qualitative diagram showing [the Laws] primary interrelationships”. Click for larger version.

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  1. Sage McGreen Says:

    Why does perveristy have a tear drop shape and only connect with 4 of the interrelationships? Polarity, Cause and Effect, Synchronicity, and Association can certainly be influenced by a perverse perspective. But why not any other attributes? I don’t get this diagram?
    Please explain further, I want to understand my perversity in it’s highest order.

  2. Greg Pass Says:

    Sage —

    Bonewits says of the Law of Perversity, “If anything can go wrong, it will [Association]… Magical associations sometimes operate in the reverse [Polarity] of what was wanted [Cause & Effect]; meaningful coincidences [Synchronicity] are just as likely to be unpleasant as they to be helpful…”

    The square brackets are mine. It appears Bonewits associates perversity specifically with events, or effects, and not knowledge or otherwise.

  3. The Laws of Magic | MatrixPad Says:

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  4. Claressa Campbell Says:

    Perversity is sometimes the Higher Power in action instructing you about the validity of your desires. The other source of peversity can be that what you are indicating as your desire is the opposite of what the undertow of you wants. Either way the best way to control it is to what? Make the spell aim to be as temporary as possible. Insert in the spell the tempory goal and a confirmation of your conviction to be molded by the Holy Spirit of the Creation of Perfect Good in the Universe and the target of your current lifespan afterwards.

  5. saud Says:

    please help me to learn some real majick

  6. TheOne Says:

    I have real magic inside me. I think something and it comes true almost immediately. I want something and I get it almost instantly. However, the only thing I can’t have is the lottery. How weird. lol

    But seriously, I’ve got everything my heart’s desired within a matter of time. I want to learn how to make magic work for me instead of haphazardly wishing, desiring and getting.

    I want to make things happen like objects move. LOL No kidding. That’s scary.

    I’m wishing for clarity. I’m wishing for more talents and skills. I’m wishing for more will power! I’m wishing for more physical strength. I’m wishing for more loyalty and true love.

    Are those just silly wishes? Do i need magic for them?

    I can talk to animals. I can summon people. I can control my dreams. I’ve moved doors by just willing it. Breaking glass with a point of a finger. The list goes on… I am in tuned with spirit. MY SPIRIT! I’ve lived on earth before this life and I’ve seen some futures…some are my own and some of the others. But in this life and in this physical body, I want the mortal things that are tangible!! Money!! I have everything but….. =(

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