An Aspect of Divine Energy

December 11th, 2010

A ca. 1970s painting by Sam Francis reproduced in his collection of writings, Saturated Blue (n.p.).

Writes Francis:

Color may extend forever
expand forever
drift forever
stand still forever
as time may stand
still extend expand
and drift forever
and is indefinite relationship

forever is a limit
for space and time
color represents an aspect of divine energy
and in human terms
is measured in relation to desire

5 Responses to “An Aspect of Divine Energy”

  1. Elisabeth Knap Says:

    Todays input of colours, beautiful, thank you!

  2. Robert Says:

    Great post, wonderful painting! Do you have any details about it? title, dimensions, medium, etc? I’d love to know more about it.

  3. Greg Pass Says:

    Hi Robert—


    The painting appears in Francis’s collection of writings linked to in the post, however the only description given is the general introduction: “The illustrations selected for this book are part of a large group of self-portraits and mandalas made by Sam Francis primarily during the 1970s.”

  4. Robert Says:

    Thanks for looking into it, Greg! I look forward to your future posts…

  5. olga ganda Says:

    i enjoy your work of revealing colour in different dimenssions.colour that make me to think of the beggining of itself from genesis 1:1 in the bible.the colour that started with the light and dark.the two give us strong enrgy and will power reveal more exiting and forever enduring.

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