An Understanding of Nature

March 15th, 2012

A painting from Pseudo-Aquinas‘s 15th century Aurora Consurgens (McLean’s edition).

Appearing in the prologue to Book II, p49. Click for larger version.

“Those who wish to master this Science therefore need to sharpen their wits most subtly and ingeniously; to ponder and deliberate as much as possible upon both the inner and the outer meanings of the words of the Sages; and to show a willingness to examine them from various points of view… [For] like the dust that the wind raises from the face of the earth are the operations of those who perform such actions without intellect and an understanding of Nature… As Alexander says, ‘If you try to dissolve snow with coldness then you only coagulate it the more, and if you try to freeze water with fire then you only heat it the more, and if you change any nature into its opposite then you simply corrupt the Work all the more'” (p47-48).

7 Responses to “An Understanding of Nature”

  1. mldy Says:

    We patiently await your next post.

  2. otove Says:

    Great site – averaging 3 posts a year for 5 years, no wonder its taken me this long to find it!

  3. Aimée Says:

    I kindly and humbly request that you start blogging again.
    Thank you.

  4. mldy Says:

    I stumble across this blog once again and am pleased.

  5. nader Khaghani Says:

    So where is the key in nature and alchemy?

    The alchemists maintained: never without nature. Thanks for your post about nature and more nature of nature.

    For the operations to lead to the gold within, for the alchemists, and for us artists, 2 opposites must amalgamate. The sacred marriage of the male (animus if you will) and the feminine power (anima) is the key and the lock as Madonna sings.

    That is nature, not much has changed, much much has changed.
    Thank you for your insightful posts.

  6. Susan Lowell Says:

    Here’s a tasty treat for you, old friend, if you have not seen it: the verrrry extensive website of Anthony Judge–a sample page:
    which includes within it a
    “Diagram of 384 Relationships between I Ching Hexagrams” plus lots of other wild stuff.
    My son (now married & w/ our first grandchild) still enjoys & speaks of your site here. R. sends best regards as well. cheers!

  7. LjlpmFYHDBTZ Says:

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