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January 19th, 2007

Unurthed is a survey of diagrams, cosmograms, emblems, etchings, sketches, illustrations, yantras, paintings, engravings, photographs, figures, cutouts, seals, depictions, pictures, images, with an eye for that which cannot be diagrammed, cosmogrammed, emblemed, etched, sketched, illustrated, plucked, painted, engraved, photographed, figured out, cut out, sealed, depicted, pictured, imagined.

All of the material is scanned from my personal collection or, in a few cases, drawn by me.

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2 Responses to “About Unurthed”

  1. Jillpill Says:

    What has happen to you? Greg Pass

  2. PMac Says:

    Assuming that you have a FB account, you may wish to join TRIA PRIMA, a group entirely devoted to AL KEMI, which I have founded (there is some occasional link to you alchemic diagrams here):


    My Very Best Regards


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